Things To Do To Make Your Commute Productive

Like every city person(unless your house is right above your office) I have to commute to work. Through groggy eyes I usually look out of the window, watching others trying to make it to work, some are running late, some are agitated at having had to wake up early and some look just plain bored.

But I have decided to be more productive. And so can you.

The average commute time for the majority is 25.4 minutes. That means it takes up almost an hour of our life every day or more. An hour, which if put to use, can help us attain results- small/big if planned well.

One can be more productive by using this hour to,

  • Learn a new language :There are many apps available like Duolingo, busuu, babbel, memrise, to name a few which you can download on your phone and use at your convenience to learn and practice a new language.
  • Do breathing exercises: you can do breathing exercises to relax yourself and calm your nerves for the day ahead. They are great for stress management and also have health benefits. More over, you are more in tune with yourself while and after performing them.
  • Make a budget for the day: Budgeting your day makes saving money much easier as compared to budgeting your month. Think of the amount of money you plan to use for a particular month, divide by the number of days per month and you have the per day budget. You can change the amount depending on your low key days when you can save, so you have extra cash for the days when you know you will be painting the town red. There are many apps to help you make and stick to budgets like Monefy, Spendbook, etc.
  • Plan your evening: Whether you are going out or planning for some ME time, a plan helps you have an idea about what all you wanna do or accomplish in the evening, even if it means watching Friends with a bag of chips.
  • Talk to your parents: It’s important to take out time for the people who gave you all their youth. Call up your parents to brighten up their day.
  • Plan your meals: If you plan on what you plan on ordering before hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you know how to balance out all three instead of ending up with unhealthy or gluttonous meals every time you sit down to eat. Also, if you are into calorie counting, apps like Noom Coach and myfitnesspal can be of great help.

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