Valentine’s Day…Whatever

Valentine’s Day is here!!! AND it’s making couples and singles miserable alike.

The couples going through the ‘what do I get my SO’ dilemma and singles, the ‘Crap am single’ depression. I think the only people sorted around this time are the IDGAF people.

The day is about love, you can never have enough days to show your love, it’s romantic..blah di blah..I get it. But what I don’t get is that each couple has it’s own set of milestones and important dates to celebrate, why fixate on a particular day which probably doesn’t echo anything momentous in their relationship.

To make it worse, this said day has all the restaurants hiking prices for average food, suddenly you are in a frenzy of finding a gift or for singles, finding a date and for some, hiding from public sphere as they don’t want to be seen alone on this grand day.

Except for the kicks it gave in high school, it’s been a bit overdrawn for what it is.

So for the couples, feel all loved up and don’t fret, for the singles, enjoy your freedom and go out having crazy fun AND the IDGAF people, you are the coolest, so DGAF!

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