Embracing Change

On the 1st of Jan this year, while people were still in their post New Year’s party haze and hangover, I took my flight to Netherlands from Delhi with a layover at Doha, the place closest to where I had been since the past three and a half years – Dubai.

While people were busy making new resolutions, I was following the result of decisions that I took the year before. It was a well thought out change. I had been looking forward to it, but somehow I ended up underestimating it.

And now I am in Rotterdam.27879807_408312972953778_523174772394164224_n

It’s green and wet and cold. The opposite of Dubai. Though I guess if the two meet, they can bond over architecture. As Rotterdam is said to be big on architecture too.

I haven’t been explore as much as I would have liked too due to course load. But am getting there.

From what I have seen, they love there food fried. Can’t complain there. Fries Alert.

The first few weeks weren’t all that tough. But now, about a month and a half in here, I feel like a piece of my heart is missing. I get flashbacks of Dubai. Guess it will get better, guess it won’t, guess I’ll have to make space for Rotterdam in my heart too. But this year is all about change and embracing it. I have been lucky enough to get this chance to rebuild from scratch. A new city, new opportunities, new environment, so much to see and do.

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