Amsterdam City Break

The course has been rough. I have been in the Netherlands for over a month but not got the chance to explore much thanks to all the assignments and exams that sort of keep punching me in the face. So, finally, when we had some free time, I and a couple of friends hit the city of Amsterdam for a City-Break and boy is it beautiful!

There are canals and more canals, guess anyone who knows anything about Amsterdam knows how the city is built on canals but knowing and seeing are way different from each other. It’s so beautiful and full of life. With sprawling cafes, quaint little places with oh so delicious food, tourists with their big touristy smiles, couples in love….It’s not a city, it’s a feeling- of being alive.

We hopped on the intercity from Rotterdam to get there which costs about 15.5 one way. It takes less than an hour to get there from here. The city is full of history, museums, the palace and all things royal. And yet, doesn’t overwhelm you with glory but makes you feel at home when you walk down the streets of this city.

We grabbed brunch at The New York Film Academy Cafe which is gorgeous! Their pancakes with nutella and blue berry compote are absolute sin and highly recommended! Post brunch we walked around the city, soaking up the sun, enjoying the wind in our faces and burning the pancake calories. The open market in front of the Rijks museum is great with it’s food stalls and various kiosks selling pretty things. 

For our dinner, we ended up at the Rembrandt Square, having pizzas at this beautiful Italian restaurant the name of which I unfortunately do not remember.

It was a short trip and we have a lot more to cover there. To be honest, can’t wait to go back!

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