Brunch At Pantry Cafe- Business Bay

Bay Square is teeming with quaint little cafes and eateries, selling wholesome yummy food in a relaxing environment. Recently on a friend’s suggestion, I and the girls hit this fabulous place called Pantry Cafe for our brunch and gossip session. Stepping into it gives this fresh yet relaxed vibe. It has got interesting, quirky interiors…

My 7 Day Detox Results

So I went a bit bonkers in recent times, stuffing all calorie loaded unhealthy stuff into my mouth without a care, exercise being equal to zero except about 6000 steps that I would log in daily on an average, thanks to the commute. Hence the decision to go on a sort of detox diet. All…

In News

Special thanks to Khaleej Times and Mohammed Mustafa Khan for this.

Fashion Forward Season 9 – Dubai

The 9th season of Fashion Forward is here, and it is everything you can expect from a Dubai Fashion Week, the luxury and fashion capital of the uber rich Middle East. Glitz, glam, luxury, fashion; it brings out the best of Dubai at one place with a sharp focus on fashion, which is what it…

Spring Florals

Spring is here and It’s time I got pretty florals out. Currently I am obsessing over Chinese collars. This number is a personal favorite 🙂